What Makes CBD Addictive?

If you ask what makes CBD addictive, many will tell you that it is because it blocks the absorption of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Others say that it is due to the fact that CBD has an active ingredient called the Cannabidiol which acts as a Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor (DRI). The question remains: what makes CBD addictive? It may not be the actual CBD that makes it addictive but rather the way CBD is consumed and the health conditions that enable the body to experience an increased amount of dopamine in the synapses.

When CBD is taken by mouth, it quickly enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain where it is put to rest by the absence of oxygen. However, while it is resting the levels of dopamine in the brain are depleted which causes the brain to experience a surge of euphoria or “the good feeling” and the levels of dopamine in the bloodstream return to normal once they are replenished. This leaves the brain with less energy as well as lower memory and concentration levels, and can result in feelings of fatigue, lack of motivation and irritability.

What makes CBD addictive is the manner in which it is consumed. Often, people will feel the “high” that they get from consuming CBD through smoking or drinking a recreational product, yet the body quickly requires a “boost” if it is to continue functioning at such a high level. The “boost” that the body needs is found in the form of a large amount of sugar or glucose. This immediately creates an addiction where the individual must regularly increase the amount of glucose or sugar in order to maintain the same level of “high” as when they first started.

Another thing that makes CBD addictive is the fact that there is no physical withdrawal associated with quitting any substance such as alcohol or nicotine. Withdrawal occurs when an individual quits smoking or drinking. The body initially increases blood pressure and decreases blood sugar to protect the organs from stress. However, when the person finally quits they generally return to their normal state. For this reason, many people who quit using tobacco or alcohol experience headaches, anxiety, and even depression for a short period of time, but after this “post-quit” period of lowered emotions and energy, most people resume their former levels of health and energy.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, another common aspect of what makes CBD addictive is the fact that it is rather difficult to give up. People who begin using this plant often find it very difficult to give up, as the “high” that they receive each time they consume this product keeps them in a state of continual euphoria.

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