Important Attributes That Every Personal Trainer Should Have!

It’s sometimes tough to figure out who you should hire when you’re on the hunt for a personal trainer, but it’s important to remember that who you hire will make all the difference in these health investments.

Personal trainers can be invaluable to you and your fitness journey, but they must meet certain prerequisites in order for you to put your trust in them. We’ve partnered up with the personal trainer nyack ny experts at Rising Legends to develop this list of attributes that every personal trainer should have.

So if you’re currently looking to hire a new personal trainer in your area, keep the following traits in mind as you’re narrowing down your search!

Reputable Personal Trainer Certifications

Every top-quality personal trainer has received certifications from a reputable educational institution, but it’s important to remember how certified can sometimes mean many different things in the personal training industry.

There’s a huge difference between a certification for a four-year degree and a weekend crash course, so you need to double-check the specific certifications that prospective personal trainers have.

A Relevant Bachelor’s Degree

Although a Bachelor’s degree isn’t required of personal trainers, it’s a significant bonus that you should take into consideration. This is particularly the case when the trainer has a degree in something like physical education, exercise science, sports medicine or kinesiology.

These degrees will only bolster a personal trainer’s knowledge about supporting you and your unique fitness needs.

Other Specializations or Credentials

There are also many different personal trainers who’ve undergone additional training programs, or have focused their expertise into certain specialties and interests.

These specializations can include things like athletic conditioning, nutrition, stress management, corrective exercise, weight loss, pre/post natal fitness and much more.

If this is something that piques your interest, try to figure out what type of additional expertise will matter most for you.

Demonstrable Expertise

Although certifications and degrees are important, a personal trainer more importantly needs to be able to clearly explain complex exercises and concepts to you with authority. They should also be able to explain their reasoning behind advising certain exercises on your behalf, and they should create a path that’s oriented around your unique fitness needs.

Great personal trainers know how to provide their clients with both short and long-term goals—and guidance on how to achieve both.

Real-World Experience

The more experience a personal trainer has, the better. This includes many years of experience actually helping clients like yourself with their fitness goals.

A good idea to keep in mind is asking a potential trainer to provide you with some references that you can speak with. These types of conversations will allow you to get a better insight into what it’s like to work with a specific trainer, and how their regimen will provide you with results.

Personal Fitness Commitments

Personal trainers are professionals who help people bolster their fitness commitments, so they too should be firmly committed toward their own fitness journey.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that that strongest trainer will be the best one for you, but it simply goes to show that you should only work with trainers who take their own fitness habits seriously.

A good way to gauge a personal trainer’s fitness habits is to check out their social media pages, because you’ll likely see how they maintain a healthy lifestyle through what they post online.

Vested Interest In Your Results

Your personal trainer should be genuinely interested in helping you reach your fitness goals, and the best trainers will take the results of their clients as a direct reflection upon themselves.

This means that they should have a vested interest in helping you see positive results and reaching your fitness objectives. This is a good sign because it shows how they’re willing to personalize their training approach based upon your needs—as opposed to simply giving you a one-size-fits-all approach.

A Coaching Style You Like

Every personal trainer has a unique coaching style, so this is something that you should pay close attention to as you’re narrowing down your final options.

This means that you should start thinking about what type of coaching style you’re most interested in, because a drill sergeant might not be the best option for you when you’re looking for a more nurturing approach.

Reach Out To Rising Legends To Find A Personal Trainer In Nyack NY!

It’s sometimes tough to find a personal trainer that you click with, but the above traits are a good starting point to help you stay on the right track toward the best hiring decision for you and your needs.

You can learn more about personal trainers by speaking directly with the Rising Legends staff when you go through the link to their site located at the top of this page!

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