Cesarean Section: How Can I Improve Recovery After the Surgery?

Most people wish to have babies in the future and create a family. However, getting a child entails a lot of things, from carrying the child in your belly for up to 9 months and bearing it. Child delivery can be challenging to your body, especially if you deliver through cesarean section. Also known as a C-section, a cesarean section can be recommended by your doctor if you are experiencing certain health conditions. Nevertheless, one can also choose it as their delivery method. Unlike normal birth via the birth canal, a C-section takes more time to heal. Fortunately, this article provides tips on how you can speed up your c- section recovery.

What is Cesarean Section?

Usually, a medical practitioner will recommend cesarean section when it is not safe or possible for a woman to give birth to the baby naturally through the birth canal. Thus, a C-section will involve a surgical procedure to allow baby delivery by opening the woman’s lower belly. While the procedure is usually done when the mother is awake, the body is numbed from the chest to the feet. Complications with the baby that may result in a cesarean section include abnormal developmental problems, abnormal positions, abnormal heart rate, etc. on the other hand, medical issues with the mother that might result in a C-section include uterine fibroids and active genital herpes infection.

Ways to Elevate Recovery After Cesarean Section

Ensure Good Nutrition

Eating a well-balanced diet after delivery is one of the ways to improve recovery after undergoing a cesarean section. Nutritious foods provide the body with vitamins that boost the healing process. Also, if you are breastfeeding, you should remember that you are the main food source for your baby. Thus, your baby can have strong immunity and allow the child to grow stronger. You must also take a lot of fluid to help avoid constipation and increase the milk supply for the baby.

Take Frequent Strolls

Heavy exercises are generally discouraged if you have had your baby through a C-section. However, this does not mean you should not do exercise at all. It would be best to do light exercises like strolls to help you stay fit. Additionally, walking helps reduce the risk of heart-related problems such as blood clots. You can even take your baby with you as well.

Remember, taking regular strolls will also help improve your mental health, which is critical for sufficient child care.

Get Enough Rest

Regardless of the surgery you have undergone, resting is always crucial. While taking enough rest with a newborn can be challenging, getting enough sleep is important. One of the best tips for getting sufficient sleep is to sleep when the infant sleeps. Also, get family or friends to help you with the baby and some chores so you are well-rested.

Manage Pain and Watch for Infection Signs

The cesarean section might come with some pain following the surgery. But you can take painkillers as your physician prescribes to ease the pain. Also, be on the lookout for any signs of infection on the incision, such as intense pain, chills, and swelling. If you notice any abnormality, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your doctor with immediate effect.

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