What Are The Long-term Effects Of Dermal Fillers?

While dermal fillers are mostly known for their benefits in the short-term, dermal fillers can be continued to provide you with a youthful appearance after they have been injected. They should not be used forever however, as dermal fillers should only be used when needed and there is risk of developing allergies or other problems. When using dermal fillers, it is important to discuss the long-term effects that dermal fillers may have on your body. Here are a few long term effects of dermal fillers:

1) Asymmetry

The area where you receive dermal filler injections might appear different from one side to another which can result in asymmetry, particularly if too much filler has been injected to one side of the face. This is a rare side effect of dermal fillers however, dermal fillers can be dissolved with hyaluronidase injection, which is often provided in dermal filler treatment packages.

2) Swelling/Bloating

Some patients may experience swelling or bloating when they receive dermal filler injections to their face. The swelling or bloating should disappear within several days to weeks depending on how much dermal filler has been used in your treatments and the percentage of patient’s body that responds poorly to dermal fillers. If you do not see any improvement in this time then it is likely that your body will not respond well to dermal filler injections and alternative options should be discussed with your doctor.

3) Pigmentation

A small percentage of dermal filler patients may notice hyperpigmentation around the dermal injection sites. If this occurs, dermal fillers should be dissolved using hyaluronidase and this may help to resolve your concerns. Dermal fillers can also produce long-term spider veins so it is important to discuss the risks with your doctor if you are considering dermal filler treatments in the future. Risks associated with dermal fillers will depend on what dermal filler has been used in your treatment and whether additional procedures were performed during your visit. It is essential that you consult with an experienced medical professional if you are thinking about dermal filler injections or any other cosmetic injections in the future.

4) Skin Lumps:

While there are a number of short-term benefits of dermal fillers, they cannot provide permanent results and cosmetic surgery may be required to repair any skin lumps or bumps that develop in the dermis layers of your skin if dermal filler injections are discontinued.

5) Unwanted Hair

Dermal filler treatments will not help to reduce unwanted hair growth in patients however laser hair removal is an option for people who would like to remove facial and body hair using medical procedures.

With these risks in mind it is important to speak with an experienced medical professional before you receive dermal filler injections. Your coordinator should explain potential side effects before injections are administered and you should also understand these risks before treatments are completed. Visiting your clinic regularly for follow-up sessions, as well as speaking with an experienced medical professional about the long-term effects of dermal fillers , will help to ensure that dermal fillers continue to provide you with a youthful appearance without any unwanted side effects.

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