How to Make Energy Drinks a Part of Your Everyday Routine

In a world that is always racing against time, running on packed schedules, and never-ending deadlines, maintaining energy levels throughout the day can be a bit challenging. Your morning and afternoon cup of tea may open your eyes for a while, but the meter tends to run down eventually. Thankfully, healthy energy drinks present a cost-effective, convenient, and tasty solution to your early, mid, and end of the day blues.

If you are new to energy drinks, here are some ways in which you can make  instant energy drinks a part of your daily routine:

  • Start your day with it

Starting the day on a high note can be one of the best things you do. Drinking an instant energy drink before you head out or take charge of the day can ensure that your day is full of energy. Mornings are generally the toughest for most people. Leaving your cosy bed can be hard enough.

On top of this, the reminders on your phone, unanswered emails in the inbox, and house chores can take a toll on your body. Energy drinks offer you B vitamins like Vitamin B5, B6, or B12, and amino acids. In addition to this, they also contain caffeine and sugar. Both of these give you an immediate boost of energy that helps to push lethargy out of your body and mind.

  • Look for healthier energy drinkoptions

Sipwise beverages like 1947 – India’s own energy drink is a wonderful energy drink that can ensure that you do not compromise on your health while taking a caffeine boost. One of the main concerns that a lot of people have is the effect of energy drinks on their health. This is because extreme doses of caffeine can be harmful.

However, 1947 is one of the rare energy drinks in India that contains a natural source of caffeine – Nilgiri tree extracts. In addition to this, the drink contains no added sugar and instead uses inulin, a natural alternative to sugar. Moreover, the product is 100% natural and vegan certified. It is also low in calories and has only 50 kcals per 100 ml.

  • Take it post-lunch to beat the afternoon lull

The afternoon slump can be one of the worst feelings. With the better half of the day ahead of you, finding the will to work and complete your tasks can be scarce. But the best energy drink can help you beat this slump with instant energy. A lot of people turn to a cup of tea with lunch or after. The tea may be a good old habit, but its effect may only be temporary.

Besides, the added calories and the hassles of preparation can be an added inconvenience. Energy drinks in India help you tackle these issues with easy solutions. These ready to drink beverages can accompany you to a meeting, the metro, the bus, the aeroplane, the cab, and practically anywhere else you are headed. The moment you feel the need for some energy, you can open the bottle and sip some.

  • Sip it on before your evening workout

A healthy lifestyle accompanied by healthy energy drinks makes for a powerful combination, don’t they? If you find it hard to do your best in the gym or when you go for your daily jog, you can consider having an energy drink before you start. The caffeine from the drink can charge you up, so you get to give your best. With adequate energy, you can reach your fitness goals a lot sooner.

  • Don’t compromise on the taste

Thanks to energy drinks in India like the Sipwise beverages, you can get energy and enjoy a great drink at the same time. 1947 offers natural flavours like green apple and grape that makes for a great mid-meal beverage. You can also have it with breakfast or any other meal. So, it is never really hard to add any food item to your daily routine that tastes good.

To Sum It Up

Adding an energy drink to your diet can help you get through the day with greater ease. These drinks are healthy, tasty, and above all, effective in providing you with the energy you need to sail through.

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