Erectile Dysfunction

If you are reading this article then chances are you suffer from one or more of the common signs of erectile dysfunction. These include having problems achieving an erection, not being able to achieve an erection and maintaining an erection. Also, lack of ejaculatory control can be a symptom. But what if there was a way to cure all these problems and on top of that – give you completely healthy, strong, rock hard erections and keep them for up to 10 minutes on each of your orgasms?

This is possible and in fact, there are quite a few natural remedies you can use to treat your erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. Medical conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, neurological issues and even psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety can all affect your sexual performance. Other causes of erectile dysfunction include pre-existing mental health problems, neurological issues and chemical imbalances in the brain. No matter what the cause is, the good news is that it can be treated. Here we will discuss some of these treatment methods.

One method involves treating the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction by addressing any one of the risk factors. For instance, high blood pressure or hypertension, stroke or aorta narrowing can all be corrected by a medical doctor. By using medications such as diuretics, beta-blockers, anti-inflammatory drugs, vasodilators and even antidepressants, a medical professional can correct any one of the risk factors that cause erectile dysfunction and help reduce your overall blood pressure. By combining medications and psychological counseling you can see excellent results over time.

There are other ways to deal with the risk factors and treat erectile dysfunction, such as consulting with an acoustic wave therapy treatment center, and often also includes avoiding certain foods and beverages that can spike your blood sugar levels and/or increase the risk factors of diabetes. Alcohol consumption can cause temporary problems with your blood flow, but it usually improves over time. However, if you experience problems with diabetes and alcohol, you should cut back or completely eliminate your alcohol intake until you get your blood flow back on track. High cholesterol can also be reduced by changing your diet, reducing the amount of saturated fat you consume and making sure you get plenty of exercise.

There are also several other ways to prevent the condition of erectile dysfunction from being an issue in your life as you age. The first is to address any cardiovascular, heart disease or diabetes concerns that you have. By maintaining a healthy weight and having a regular exercise routine you can maintain a healthy cardiovascular system while decreasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health concerns that come along with old age. Men who smoke can also greatly reduce their chances of contracting diabetes and other health concerns. Smoking affects your cardiovascular system as well as your body’s ability to properly digest and absorb the nutrients in food. The chemicals and toxins that are present in cigarette smoke can actually damage your circulation and decrease your sperm count.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with either diabetes cardiovascular disease or erectile dysfunction, talk to your medical health care provider. He or she can suggest treatment options and make suggestions about lifestyle and dietary changes that may be able to help. In addition, many physicians offer treatments for sexual dysfunction that can be very helpful. The most common of these treatments are anti-depressant medications that can help to improve your mood and allow you to have more control over your erections.

Erectile Dysfunction refers to a condition in which a person’s ability to have an erection strong enough to be achieved during sexual intercourse is somehow impaired. Being able to have an erection is important to most people because erections are the basis for having sexual intercourse. If you cannot achieve or maintain an erection when it matters most, then it becomes seriously problematic. Most men know all too well the benefits of being able to have an erection, such as not worrying about premature ejaculation or even impressing the woman in your life. But what causes erectile dysfunction?

There are many different possible reasons that men experience erectile dysfunction. The most common is vascular disease such as atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, deep vein thrombosis, or venous insufficiency. Erectile Dysfunction can also occur as a side effect of taking certain medications like nitroglycerin, lithium, or barbiturates. These drugs relax the smooth muscle in the penis and increase the risk of blood clots. The blood vessels in the penis become swollen and begin to narrow because of the increased pressure.

Some other potential causes of erectile dysfunction include depression, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, or underlying cardiovascular problems. One of the possible psychological factors that your doctor may consider is stress. Stress can cause edema or swelling of the veins in the penis and can cause erectile dysfunction. Your doctor may recommend some form of stress management, such as relaxation exercises or meditation.

Some studies have indicated that smoking and alcohol use can lead to or worsen vascular disease. This is especially true for diabetes, which in itself is a cardiovascular disease. Some studies indicate that cigarette smoking may be a cause of arteriosclerosis. It may even increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

If you have any of the above conditions, your doctor may want you to discontinue the use of your medications. In addition, if you are already on medication for another condition, it is best to stop taking that as well. Discuss your treatment options with your doctor and weigh the pros and cons. You should be happy with your decision.

If you do have erectile dysfunction and it is caused by other medical conditions, your doctor will most likely want you to take blood tests to determine the cause. It is not uncommon for other conditions to lead to erectile dysfunction. It may be that you simply need to eat a healthier diet and start exercising more. Many times men with heart disease have difficulties getting an erection and this can be a warning sign of something much worse.

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