Our Mission is to provide high quality, compassionate medical care
in a considerate and efficient manner.

G Y N E C O L O G Y   P R A C T I C E   I N C L U D E S
> Well woman exams
> Menstrual cycle problems
> Fibroids/Pelvic Pain/Vaginitis
> Menopausal Issues
> Surgical and non-surgical treatment for abnormal Paps
> Surgical and non-surgical tratment for uterine bleeding
> Treatment for urinary incontinence
> Family planning and contraception
> Bone Denisty Testing
> Osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment
S U R G I C A L   P R A C T I C E   I N C L U D E S
> Minimally invasive surgery with laparoscopy including robotic-assisted procedures such as hysterectomy, removal of ovarian cysts, removal of uterine fibroids and treatment of endometriosis.
> Pelvic prolapsed surgery
> Incontinence surgery
> Sterilization with tubal ligation and tubal occlusion
> Endometrial ablation