Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most common forms of diabetes that afflicts people. More often than not, it is a lifelong condition in people where the body is unable to handle the sugar in the system inappropriately. Basically what happens, in this case, is that the blood glucose level is nowhere near normal mainly because of the inability of the Insulin secreted by the body to use the glucose effectively. As a result, the level of glucose in the blood increases dramatically and leads to Type 2 Diabetes eventually.

The cure for Type 2 Diabetes is often in understanding the cause of it. You must understand that the blood glucose level increases dramatically when the insulin secreted by the Pancreas in your body is not able to use up the glucose that is produced. To deal with the heightened glucose condition, it first tries secreting more insulin but eventually the balance is completely disrupted and the body develops Type 2 Diabetes. This condition is triggered by many factors, and this includes the following.

Overweight condition

Often being overweight or obese is considered synonymous with having Type 2 Diabetes. This is because the extra body weight often interferes with the Insulin’s ability to use up glucose in an appropriate manner. This, as a result, leads to heightened glucose levels in the body or what we call as Type 2 Diabetes.

Genetic history

The way body creates Insulin, and the manner in which it can help your body deal with glucose that is produced has also got a deep connection with the intrinsic DNA composition in your system. Or in other words, the genes decide whether your body insulin is able to absorb the glucose effectively.

Glucose Level in Liver

Normally the liver releases glucose into the body when the blood sugar level is low, and usually it stores the additional glucose within the system. But in some rare cases, the liver is unable to recognise the difference and keeps releasing sugar at regular intervals. This leads to heightened glucose level in the body.

Wrong Cell Signals

Your body cells in some cases send wrong signals or are not able to pick up messages appropriately. This, as a result, interferes with the required insulin secretion and its eventual absorption of blood glucose.

Ineffective Cell Communication

Your blood sugar level also gets seriously impacted when the cell communication gets hampered. For example, if the cells send the wrong amount of insulin or at the wrong time, the blood glucose level gets impacted seriously resulting in many associated complications.

Though there are some situations where you can’t help Type 2 diabetes, some simple preventive measures can be incorporated easily. However, you can always incorporate daily exercise and a healthy diet in your schedule to avert these conditions as much as possible. Tackling stress and avoiding smoking can also help you deal with Type 2 diabetes in a significantly more effective manner in the longer run.